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Which came first the Product developer or the Compliance consultant?

The universal question of "Which came first the chicken or the egg" has scientists still mind bobbled. In the case of "Which came first the Product developer or the Compliance consultant" let us analyze this statement.

When you develop a product some regulations would need to be followed in the development process. Many companies are not aware of this and start the process of getting their final product developed. Only to be told that their ingredients or process do not comply with the product requirements.

To explain in understandable terms. If you have for example a cheese product that you would like to sell there is a Dairy product regulation that is regulated by the Department of Agriculture and appointed assignees. This regulation what percentages of fat and dry matter are required before you can give it a class designation name (This is the product name).

Let's say you want to call your product Cheddar cheese. You would need to do a laboratory test to ensure the product contains a minimum of 48 % milk fat dry matter content, 61% minimum dry matter content, and a minimum ripening period of 5 weeks.

Note it is not only the dry and fat matter percentages to take into consideration but many other factors like preservative regulations, colorants allowed, and method of processing.

Getting nervous now? Don't be. This is where labeling consultants will assist. The labeling consultant must have experience in product development as well. With LT Food Labeling Consultancy we have the experience from product development to on-shelf monitoring experience.

To get back to the conclusion the Labeling consultant comes first. We don't need scientists to find the conclusion on this question.

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